Welcome to Frontera Collision Auto Parts

You will find the best quality auto body parts around. In fact, we think our parts are of such great value, they come with a lifetime guarantee. Our warehouse is stock full of auto body parts like lamps, mirrors, condensers, radiators, blower assemblies, cabin air filters, alternators, starters, window regulators, cooling fan assemblies, cooling fan motors and more straight from TYC/Genera and DEPO.
With our excellent valued parts all with a lifetime guarantee, large warehouse of a variety of auto body parts from TYC/Genera, the only place that you find the part you need, when you need it! Come over or call us Today!

Products We Provide:

- Head Lamps,  Tail Lights

- Condensers, Radiators, Fans

- Door Handles, Mirrors

-Hoods, Fenders, Bumpers

- And Much More...